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4 Investment options other than Banks

A bank deposit is considered the safest and most conventional option to park your savings for the future. But, with the falling interest rates, the banks are no longer the best option for your investments.

Is it beneficial to pay off credit card debt with a personal loan

If you are under a huge credit card debt, you may be feeling burdened by payments and pending dues. The option of taking a personal loan to clear off your credit card debt is an option you can consider.

Tired of rejection! Get Safe and Simple Peer to Peer Loans | LenDenClub

Tired of being rejected by banks repeatedly, you can also get a peer to peer lending loan for all your short term and personal things | LenDenClub

6 Tips for investment resolutions for a better new year

2017 is fast approaching. If you are ready to make personal resolutions for the New Year, how about making some financial ones as well!

Top 5 tricks for constant growth of your precious investments | LenDenClub

Here are some of the tricks that can help you with the growth of your investments by peer to peer lending money online through a common platform of trust | LenDenClub

Need a loan in a hurry? P2P loans might be the answer!

There are times when you need funds in a hurry, but are confused where to get them from. Banks take their own sweet time in processing loan applications, and they may even reject your application in some instances.

Ways to Lower Your Risk as a Lender

A number of people looking for alternate investment assets now a days have started viewing P2P ending platforms as a good option to earn healthy returns with moderate risk.

An Insight on Peer to Peer Lending Loans

P2P lending platforms have provided a way to connect people who need short term funds in a jiffy and people who may have excess funds lying idle and are looking to earn good returns on them.

The Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Apply For A Loan

Most of us need some extra cash at some stage of our life; be it for education or to buy a car or to give the house the much needed renovation. In such situations...

Understanding How Peer To Peer Lending is Changing the World

Internet and social media have opened up an all new way of interacting and have also bought a shift in the thinking of people at every level..

How to Borrow Money with Lowest Interest Rates?

Peer to peer lending has seen immense growth in the recent years and this paved way for a new investment opportunity for investors and an..

10 Quick Tips for Investing in Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is also termed as crowd lending. The lending websites link the lenders and the individual borrowers. As the lending process has no middlemen, peer-to-peer lending is lucrative for both borrowers and lenders. Lenders get better interest rates, and the borrowers get the loan money..

Is P2P Lending A More Stable And Low Risk Investment Option Than Stock Market ?

Peer to Peer lending has witnessed a substantial growth over the past decade. The low risk returns and the non-volatile concept have made peer to...

5 Common Mistakes Investors Make

P2P lending is one of the best-investing platforms and is also used by millions to borrow money online, across the globe. It carries a moderate risk and has high returns than equity or FD investing.

History of P2P Lending in India - LenDenClub

Have an Insight into the History of P2P Lending in India

The last decade has seen a number of financial innovations. Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending are some of the new financial avenues that are driving a paradigm shift from big banks and the deepest pockets to the smart individuals and startups.

Festival Loans - LenDenClub

Can Peer To Peer Lending Help Getting A Loan in the Festival Season

The festival season is a time of joy and fun, and we want to be ready, with our finances for enjoying it in the best possible way. Sometimes, unknown situations and unfavorable circumstances erupt out of nowhere, causing us financial burdens and problems that we have no control of. Overspending may also cause a cash deficit.

Credit card Dues - LenDenClub

What to Do When Your Credit Card Due Gives You A Stress

Credit cards save you both time and efforts, when you use them for shopping, and other purposes. You can use the cards to buy both - goods and services, online and offline. The cards also offer you the credit facility, so that you can buy a necessity now, and pay for it later.

Make IN India

Peer to Peer Lending important part of Financial Inclusion

Make in India initiative received a warm response from the global fraternity. As per Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, for the entire 2015-16 fiscal ended March 31, the inflow grew by 29% to $40 billion compared to $ 30.93 billion in 2014-15...

Best way to get loan

Excellent source of getting personal loan in India.

Peer to peer lending, also known as P2P lending, which has recorded tremendous growth over last one year. The reason behind this growth is willingness of people to invest in the lending business, and that too for good reason...

RBI on P2P Lending

RBI’s Consultation Paper on Peer to Peer Lending.

Good News for P2P (Peer –to-Peer) lending industry in India..!!! The much awaited consultation paper from RBI on P2P lending has been released recently and will play an instrumental role in deciding the contours of P2P (Peer to Peer) lending in India...

How to get fast loan

An Ideal Way to Fulfill Your Personal Loan Requirements.

A short term financial crunch comes to the life of many people. To revive your personal finance even during short financial crunches, you can simply opt for a personal loan. It could help you to pay your monthly installments against some purchases...

Get high returns

P2P Platform a Place to Invest Your Money with Positive Returns.

P2P Platform a Place to Invest Your Money with Positive Returns When money is not invested, it loses its value over the years due to inflation. There are many ways to invest money and get a positive return. One popular investment option is fixed...

P2P lending

Peer to Peer Lending: A new Investment Instrument.

The idle money loses much of its sheen in course of time if it is not invested in wealth creating instruments. A new promising investment instrument called Peer-to-Peer Lending(P2P) is fast gaining traction in Indian Investment scenario...

peer to peer lending

3 Attractions of Peer to Peer Lending

Due to availability of fast internet services, we tend to use online banking services through computer or mobile instead of visiting high street bank branches. It means that internet and technology has shaken up the traditional way of banking...

Low interest rates

LenDenClub's Personal Loans can help you to avoid higher interest

If you do not want to go in the hassles of the grueling bank loan process, then peer to peer personal loan is a good option for you.People generally go for bank loans, as they find the interest rate to be quite low...

Fast loan

Fast Personal Loans? Yes, it is possible.

A big purchase or family function or house renovation or accidental occasion or surprise party; all such expenses brings stress on our monthly expense account. The result is stressed working capital...

Revolution in finance

Technology revolution in Finance!

Off lately, the technology revolutions has changed the way business happens across the world. Technology has helped remove boundaries between consumers and vendors...