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Your search for better investment instrument ends here as we give
you that opportunity by becoming lender at LenDenClub.

FD/8% Return
Low Risk

Keeping your money in fixed deposit fetches you low returns along with low risk. Sometimes it also decreases the value of your money due to higher inflation rate.

P2P/23% Return
Moderate Risk

Simple to invest and higher returns on investments makes P2P lending an attractive investment opportunity for experienced as well as new investors. Diversification of investments is a key in P2P Lending.

Equity/15% Return
High Risk

Investing in equity can generate high returns at high risk exposure. It also requires deep understanding of stock market. Not suggestible option for beginner investors.

Hassle Free Investment

cash flows

EMI on investments helps investors maintain monthly cash flow in their bank accounts. Such monthly returns also allows investors to re-invest and compound their earning in very short interval of time. Our easy to use interface helps investors track their investments and earning on real time basis.


Smart P2P Platform for investors to invest smartly and get delightful returns
Online Investment Platform
Easy process of lending with just few clicks.

We enabled lending process online and made it easier for Lenders / Investors to lend across India. They can view the loan details and borrower's profile, offer amount and commit the loan amount to the borrower. We try to make the lender's experience as easy as possible.

Best Investment Platform
LenDenClub takes care of everything

We have designed one of the best in class interface to help you track your P2P loans and returns. Make your investments and generate reports the way you want it. You also get income reports for income tax purpose.

Recovery Support
Recovery Support

We know our borrowers well and can access them at any instance of time. In case a borrower defaults or delays payment, we provide you with recovery support. The process of recovery support includes visit to borrower's residential premises and/or work premises. If amount is not recovered after this, we will send the first legal notice on behalf of the lenders.

Safe Online Investment
Feel Safe with Lender Protection Fund

LenDenClub has instituted Lender Protection Fund, first of its kind in online lending platforms, to safeguard the investment of our lenders. Lender Protection Fund is not full protection of your investments. You need to consider the risk attached to peer to peer loans. However, by offering LPF, we want to participate in your losses up to the limit of funds available in LPF.

Safe Online Investment
Nominal Registration Fees

You just need to provide some basic information and Rs. 500 registration fees to be part of the club!

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