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Who Are
Your Borrowers?

Thousands of Indians, who are tired of bank's full of hassle process or need fast loans or overlooked by traditional banking and financial institutions, come to LenDenClub for flexible, hassle free & fast personal loans.

Borrowers at LenDenClub
Earns money

People with fixed monthly income(reflected in their bank account), who are either salaried individuals or woman entrepreneurs. Their monthly income is verified through digital as well as physical document verification.

Earns Monthly

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People With
Good Credit History

More than 80% of the LenDenClub borrowers have got credit history. You will be able to see credit history details of borrowers on their profile page.

Good Credit Score
Tenured Loan

People Looking For
Short Tenure Loans

Our borrowers are looking for small amount of loan for short tenure. Traditionally, banks give loan for tenure upto 60 months, which is not a case with us. We give short term loans. You can view tenure detail of loans once you login to your lender account.

People Looking For
Urgent Loans

People having urgent financial requirements e.g. hospitalization, debt payment, family function or any other purpose register with us. We avail them with a fast personal loan for a short tenure and ensure they pay back on time.

Urgent Loan

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