Happy Rakshabandhan – Financial Gifts for Your Sister

Aug 11, 2022

Happy Rakshabandhan – Financial Gifts for Your Sister

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is one of the most celebrated occasions in India. It honors the beautiful bond between a brother and sister. On this day, it is common for a sister to tie a colorful string called ‘Rakhi’ on her brother’s wrist as a symbol of sibling love. In turn, the brother promises to take care of his sister through thick and thin.

With Rakshabandhan knocking on the doors for this year, you must be wondering what to gift your sister. While chocolates and flowers are great gifts, it is prudent to go for financial gifts this year. Be it long-term investment stocks or mutual funds, financial gifts are thoughtful and practical at the same time. It can be helpful in the creation of future wealth for your beloved sister. So, if you are wondering if there are any great financial or online trading-related gifts you can get for your lovely sibling, take a look at the following options:

The best financial gifts for your sister this Rakshabandhan

  • SIP and Mutual Funds:

    A mutual fund SIP is one of the best financial gifts for your sister. This can be a good way to initiate your sister into the field of investment if she is just starting off. SIP investment allows you to invest with minimal amounts every month. This can be a useful tool for your sister to build toward a long-term wealth goal.

Since there is a wide range of mutual funds available in the market, choose carefully to find the best SIP investment option for your sister. You can get SIPs of a trusted equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS) which comes with a lock-in period. This can add to your beloved sibling’s annual tax savings. You can opt for the perfect mutual fund SIP based on your sister’s risk appetite when it comes to market-linked investment products.


  • Stocks:

    Another brilliant financial gift this Rakhi can be stocks. Nowadays, this has become a very popular gift to give to your near and dear ones. Financial stocks can be a great way to nudge your sister’s long-term financial footprint. Thanks to advancements in technology, the process of gifting stocks is extremely easy.

Long-term investment stocks can contribute to forced savings and generate formidable revenues in the long run. Thanks to market-related growth opportunities, stocks can provide a safety net for the future, keeping your baby sister inflation-proof. Hence, this can be a good step to ensure her financial security.


  • P2P Lending Scheme Investment:

    One of the most promising financial gifts is a P2P lending scheme. P2P stands for peer-to-peer lending. It allows people to invest as much or as little as they want. This option is the perfect starter kit for investing with flexible return periods. The money invested forms a part of a pool from which borrowers can take the sum they want. The rate of return is great on this product as compared to the market average.

Since it is not related to market risk, it is a safe investment method. It is also an effective method of diversifying your portfolio. LenDenClub provides seamless and efficient P2P investment solutions for all. You can easily open an FMPP (Fixed Maturity P2P) in your sister’s name with LenDenClub. All you need to do is create an online account on your sister’s name using her PAN Card – Select the Time-Frame from 1-5 years and hit – Invest. FMPPs with LenDenClub are created instantly.

FMPPs allow you to grow your wealth at significantly higher yields due to the embedded compounding effect. Your money stays invested for a predetermined period of time that you select and thus, allows you to reinvest your accumulated earnings. Well, of course, this happens behind the scenes, and you don’t need to worry about doing all that manually. All you do is invest, sit back and relax. Because then your money is working to secure your sister’s future!


  • Life Insurance:

    As a brother, it is inevitable to be concerned about the safety and security of your sister. So, if you are looking to ensure her well-being in the long run, life insurance is a thoughtful financial gift to get for her. Life insurance is a must-have for anyone looking to be financially well-disposed for years to come.

When it comes to life insurance, the options are many. You can choose a term policy as your sister’s life insurance. This ensures all-around coverage for the future. Further, the premium in such plans is extremely affordable and yields a hefty sum at the end of the fixed term. Next, you can go for a ULIP or Unit Linked Insurance Plan if you are looking for the benefits of investment and insurance, all in one policy. There is also the option of taking an endowment policy. This can provide your sister with maturity as well as death-related benefits.


  • Health Insurance:

    In times like today, health is of utmost importance. Experts say that getting health insurance early on in one’s life is an extremely smart investment. So, you can consider getting health insurance as a gift this Rakshabandhan. Further, health insurances come with a two-fold advantage.

Firstly, health insurance is extremely helpful in times of health crisis. With the help of minimal and regular payments, your sister can get hefty coverage in times of medical emergency. Further, investment in health insurance also comes with tax benefits. Thus, you can go ahead and get an individual or floater health insurance policy for your sister.


  • Gold ETF: Gold as an investment is a concept that has been around for ages. So, why not buy a gold ETF for your sister on this auspicious occasion of Rakhi? ETF stands for Exchange–Traded Funds. Gold ETFs are just as good as buying real gold, minus the storage and security risks. This option of gold as an investment is a step toward long-term wealth creation. You can easily get a gold ETF for your sister and contribute to her future solvency.

Why should you invest in LenDenClub? 

If you are still searching for the perfect place to buy a P2P lending scheme for your sister, this Rakhi, LenDenClub is the best bet for you. LenDenClub is a reputed peer-to-peer lending platform in India. Its revolutionary Fixed-Maturity P2P or FMPP investment scheme is known for its profitable returns of up to 10-12% p.a*. The platform has an investor base of 2 million. Further, it lends to a trusted borrower base of more than 4.5 million. All borrowers are verified via the Credit Bureau, making it an extremely secure investment place.

Further, LenDenClub’s FMPP is an excellent way to diversify your online trading portfolio. With smooth enrollment and investment processes, it allows for flexible return periods between one and five years. So, if you want an amazing financial gift for your favorite sister, do not hesitate to get a P2P lending scheme for her from LenDenClub today! Invest Now!

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