How To Get Higher Returns From Investments?

Aug 10, 2022

How Can One Optimise Your Investments For Higher Returns?

As lucrative and foresightful it may seem, investing may be fraught with hassles. It is not only difficult to find a balance in investing but, at times, investments may not yield any benefits.

Given the multiplicity of factors, coupled with that of investment avenues on the market, finding the right investment solution could be painstaking. We shall begin listing the categories of investment avenues and then funnel down the list further. Finally, we shall discuss why FMPP, an all-around investment solution, is the best. 

Factors to consider for investing

Saving can be a great habit in healthy financial practices; however, it can be for short-term goals, like planned purchases. Investing, being a step ahead of saving, can be great for long-term goals and strategically with healthy portfolio management or wealth-building can be best for long-term financial goals. 

Investing every now and then, with a definite goal, and in high returns-yielding investment avenues, etc, are some factors worth considering. 

Knowing every asset class and zeroing in on the ones that suit your investment needs can help you manage your portfolio and wealth-building. 

Finding a balance in investments

Investment avenues come in all sorts and forms. The fact of the matter is that the higher the returns potential an investment avenue offers, the lower the probability it gives. Fixed deposits, recurring deposits, postal investment schemes, etc., offer predetermined and mutually agreed upon returns. On the other hand, market-linked investment avenues offer good returns, however, with lower ties. Hence, one has to slide the scale between returns and ties with traditional investment avenues. 

New-age investment avenues, like P2P lending, work contrary to their traditional counterparts. P2P lending is nothing else but a debt asset class, albeit with a mediator-reduced working model. P2P investment, being part of the digital revolution, offers high returns. Besides, it is not subject to market volatility either. Hence, P2P investment is the new-age solution for all investment-related problems.

LenDenClub, India’s biggest P2P platform, has consistently delivered returns between 10 to 12% p.a. for the past five years, along with lower NPA. With its latest offering, i.e. FMPP, LenDenClub is set to offer a uniform portfolio with the returns proposition.

FMPP, the most well-balanced investment avenue

As stated above, P2P investment offers the best of all investment avenues. FMPP, i.e. Fixed-Maturity Peer-to-Peer Plan, an evolution in the P2P investment, offers platform-level uniformity in returns. LenDenClub has devised FMPP as a one-point investment solution. It offers Returns of 10 to 12% p.a. with ty. 

FMPP uniquely works on the hyper-diversification principle: as opposed to other P2P investment plans, LenDenClub’s new algorithm for FMPP enables allocation of funds as low as ₹1 per borrower. Consequently, any NPA is evened out on the platform level, giving Marginalised NPA to individual investors. Hence, with Systematic Risk Mitigation, LenDenClub offers inflation-beating, double-digit returns to nearly every investor on its platform.

FMPP offers higher returns for serious investments

FMPP can be optimum for balancing an investment portfolio as a well-balanced investment avenue. Hence, one can add it to their portfolio for uncom stability. As a one-size-fits-all investment solution, it can be used as a standalone investment. Definitely, investment in FMPP can be aimed at portfolio management and even for wealth-building. 

The entry-point investment amount of ₹10,000 means one can invest with convenience. The maximum limit of ₹10 lakh or ₹50 lakh with submission of a net-worth certificate and the flexibility of starting multiple FMPP investment plans means FMPP is meant for serious investments. Multiple FMPP investment plans, all differing in terms and maturities, can be helpful in longitudinal portfolio diversification. One can choose tenures of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years for investments.

FMPP incorporates new-age solutions for ever-unanswered investment needs 

What’s more lucrative than earning high returns along with unquestionable convenience? FMPP meets both ends, i.e. convenience and high returns with stability. 

LenDenClub, the biggest player in the P2P sector in India, on-boards borrowers who are Credit Bureau-verified and screened over 200+ verification points. This way, LenDenClub passes its would-be borrowers through two checkpoints for establishing their eligibility. On the investors’ side, no manual investments are required. The process of allocation of funds is automated too. The robust AI- and ML-enabled platform works seamlessly for hyper-diversification and reinvestment of funds over the time.

LenDenClub has digitised the process completely with its FMPP investment plan, making it a hassle-free investment solution for worry-free returns.


Higher returns on investments can be too much of a hassle: finding the right investment avenue to begin with, and earning returns over an investment period are fraught with challenges. FMPP, a new-age investment solution due to its tech-enabled and well-balanced nature, offers a hassle-free investment experience and high returns.


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