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Do you also look to invest in the options that provide a high return on investment? It is the first thing that every investor looks for  before making any investments. But, is it the best way to select an appropriate investment strategy? Looking at the bigger picture, many factors should be considered before making an investment decision.

With multiple investment opportunities that are available in the market, it can be tricky for investors to choose the best option for them. This blog talks about the importance of investment, what are the investment types in India, and how you can select the best opportunity for you. It also makes you familiar with the concept of P2P lending and how the top online lending platform, LenDenClub can help you achieve your investment goals.


Why is it Important to Invest Your Money?

You must have heard about investing from your elders since childhood. It is almost customary in Indian households to save and invest instead of spending the entire amount. An investment, in plain terms, means acquiring an asset to earn profits. Hence the main motive is the appreciation of wealth.

But, have you thought about the importance of investing your money? Why should you invest your money besides the return on investment? Here’s how you can benefit by investing your money.


1.1 Helps You Achieve Your Goals

You need money to pursue your dream career, travel across the world, provide education to your children, improve your living standard, or even build your capital. Whatever your goals are, you can easily achieve them by investing surplus money. Isn’t it true? All the investments you make grow over the investment tenure, helping you generate sufficient funds to pursue and achieve your goals.

Let’s take a simple example. Mr. A works in a 9 to 5 job and lives in a rented apartment. His goal is to build his own house. Now, even if he wishes to take a home loan for this purpose, he should have the capital to pay the downpayment portion. Apart from this, the return on investment can also help him repay the loan.


1.2 To Earn Additional Passive Income

With limited income and increasing expenditures, investments help you build a passive income. Once you invest your money, the best part is that you can sit and see it growing. Hence the word, passive income. You only need to make the effort of investing in the right investment plan, and your investment starts earning for you. Suppose you earn ₹ 50,000 p.m. as salary income and invest ₹ 15,000 per month. @ 10% p.a.

Year Opening Capital Invested Amount Return @ 10% p.a. Cumulative Capital
1 NIL ₹ 180,000 ₹ 10,054 ₹ 190,054
2 ₹ 190,054 ₹ 180,000 ₹ 29,955 ₹ 400,010
3 ₹ 400,010 ₹ 180,000 ₹ 51,940 ₹ 631,950
4 ₹ 631,950 ₹ 180,000 ₹ 76,227 ₹ 888,178
5 ₹ 888,178 ₹ 180,000 ₹ 103,058 ₹ 1,171,236

In this example by investing regularly, you can build a capital of almost ₹ 11.71 lakhs over 5 years and start earning around ₹ 10,000 passive income per month.


1.3 Secure Your Future

The economic and political scenario of the world keeps changing regularly. It is hard to predict the future. So, what can ideally become your support system in times of distress? Of course, the money that you earn and invest. You can grow your capital and secure your future by investing your funds.

People even make investments to earn enough passive income to retire early. If your savings and investments generate enough return on investment to sustain your needs, you can take early retirement and enjoy your life or pursue your dreams. Hence, investing in the best high-return investment plan can help you secure your future.


1.4 To Save Your Taxes

Who doesn’t want to save taxes on their income? The government also wants individuals to invest their money to maintain liquidity in the market. Hence, the Indian government provides various tax reliefs under the Income Tax Act, 1961 for specified investments made by an individual investor. This is done to promote a culture of investment. It’s like icing on the cake because you can earn additional passive income on your investment and save your income tax.


1.5 Grow Your Wealth

Everybody wants to grow their wealth in life. It helps you in securing your future and also accomplishing various objectives. While an investment plan for the short term is good for achieving short-term goals, investing in the long term can help you build healthy capital.


1.6 Time Value of Money

Idle money loses its value. This means that if you do not invest your funds, they depreciate. It’s because of the time value of money. Many factors affect the value of your funds, inflation and interest rates being 2 of the most important factors. For Ex: Assuming that you have a savings of ₹ 10 lakhs in cash and the inflation is 7% p.a., here is the table that shows how its value will depreciate in 10 years:

Year Opening Value Closing Value after Inflation @ 7% p.a.
1 ₹ 1,000,000.00 ₹ 934,579.44
2 ₹ 934,579.44 ₹ 873,438.73
3 ₹ 873,438.73 ₹ 816,297.88
4 ₹ 816,297.88 ₹ 762,895.21
5 ₹ 762,895.21 ₹ 712,986.18
6 ₹ 712,986.18 ₹ 666,342.22
7 ₹ 666,342.22 ₹ 622,749.74
8 ₹ 622,749.74 ₹ 582,009.10
9 ₹ 582,009.10 ₹ 543,933.74
10 ₹ 543,933.74 ₹ 508,349.29


Given the inflation is 7% p.a., the value of ₹ 10 lakhs idle money reduces to half in 10 years Investing not only helps to retain the value of your money but also helps you to grow it.


While there are various types of investment platforms and many lucrative opportunities on offer, here are the most popular investment options in India.


2.1 Equity Shares


2.2 Mutual Funds


2.3 Start-Up Investments


2.4 Fixed Deposits


2.5 Public Provident Fund


2.6 Gold Exchange Traded Funds


2.7 Real Estate

Confused about How To Shortlist an Investment Option? – Check Out These Best Practices

If you are a business investor i.e., you want to create your investment portfolio, it can be tricky for you to choose the best high return investment plan. So, here are the key elements based on which you should take your investment decisions:


For Ex: Group investment platforms like Mutual Funds charge an expense ratio every year that covers all the maintenance expenses including the fund manager’s fees. Additionally, they might also charge an entry and exit load on the purchase and sale of units.

Apart from the above, you should also follow these best practices to ensure that your selection of investment is in alignment with your preferences:



Understanding P2P Investment – Meaning, Eligibility, Features, & More

Online peer-to-peer lending is based on the concept of direct lending between individuals. It provides an alternative financing method to those in need of personal loans and those who want top invest their money. P2P investments are powered by technology and can be easily accessed through online investing platforms like LenDenClub. P2P platforms act as a marketplace for P2P investments. You can receive all the information on an investment prospect and make your investment decision.

P2P lending is quickly filling the void in the market and emerging as a popular source of funds due to the following reasons:


Features of P2P Investment

Here are the main features of P2P investments:


How LenDenClub Simplifies Your P2P Investment?

LenDenClub is the fastest-growing online P2P platform in India. It provides a seamless investment experience to the investors across platforms including the website and mobile apps. LenDenClub maintains investment standards that make it very popular and trusted among investo₹ Here’s why LenDenClub is the best P2P investment platform for you in India:


The best part about LenDenClub is that it is an RBI registered NBFC-P2P. This makes it a genuine platform. Apart from this, a lucrative return on investment that can go up to 12% p.a., makes it the favorite for investment. Its presence across platforms and easy user interface make it convenient for investment. So download the “LenDenClub” app using Playstore or App Store and Start Investing Now!

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