P2P Investment – More Stable & Low Risk Option Than Stock Market – LenDenClub?

Mar 15, 2017

Peer-to-Peer lending has witnessed substantial growth over the past decade. The low-risk returns and the non-volatile concept have made peer-to-peer lending a sought out option for stock market lenders.

The P2P Lending Companies offer a low-risk and stable investment option when compared to the high-risk and volatile stock market investments. P2P has opened doors to an all-new form of investment with quite an attractive risk profile. A number of researches that were conducted on the peer-to-peer lending platforms have shown that these companies have better results than banks.

The P2P Lending Companies take into consideration the interests of the lenders as well as the borrowers. While investment in the stock market is considered a risk, P2P lending is viewed as an asset management product where although there is no guarantee; still it is opted for by many due to it being a low-risk investment.

While there are some P2P lending platforms, which have shut down as they were unable to attract the required number of lenders and borrowers; almost all the lenders have still received all or most of their money back along with the interest. This indeed is one reassuring sign that these platforms are coming out looking good.

P2P lending provides investors a safer option to earn more money. Lenders always need to look for platforms that are simple to understand and offer low-risk lending. LenDenClub suggests that lenders always need to spread their money across various loans and not invest until you are not confident about the same. Lenders can split up their funds into chunks and the same can be matched to different borrowers to reduce the risk and keep the losses to a minimum.

LenDenClub, the best investment instrument in India offers lenders a platform to invest smartly and receive up to 12% returns on their investments with moderate risk. With LenDenClub’s peer-to-peer lending platform, lenders can be sure that they are lending to the right borrowers. The platform follows very sophisticated procedures and a well-maintained database with years’ worth of credit information of everyone and this minimizes the risk when it comes to lending.

Funding requirement is a necessity for all development activities. A financial inclusion programmed that caters to all segment of stakeholders in a development system becomes the need of the time. Taking a clue, government has initiated several policy measures towards attracting FDI in key sectors.

Think smart before you make another high risk or a low return investment; instead invest through LenDenClub and enable dpuble-digit returns that leave inflation and other asset classes behind.

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