Started investing late in life? No worries. Let’s make the most out of it!

May 16, 2019

Maybe it took some time, some years, for you to settle in a job.  Maybe you were not one among those folks who got placed in MNCs during the last semester through campus interviews.  After graduation, you might have spent some time dabbling in some own business ventures.  Small ones.  And it didn’t shape up nicely.

Or you might have spent some years talking to that beautiful girl, without even being aware of what was happening around you and where the world was heading for.  After she got married to a guy, to a ‘project manager’ who had been to San Francisco or Chicago for on-site projects, after the eye-opener, you got enlightened, found a job, worked hard, and climbed on the ladder.  You reached a position of which you feel proud.

Now, you take pride in the fact that you have been paying income tax, the respect you enjoy, and the responsibilities you have, that whenever you start talking to people around you, they lend an ear eagerly because you are a success and they want to emulate you.

But, in one aspect, you lag behind.  Savings.  Investments.  You are not alone, though.  Most of the guys who began their career from zero in their late 20s are with you.

So what.  Let’s plan.  But, you cannot avoid that one thought that keeps on popping up in your mind as you go through the enticing ad banners on the Internet that prompts you to “Invest Now” – You should have started earlier.  Generally, mutual funds, a popular investment model in the market, consume a good amount of time.  A college junior, who got placed in an MNC during his last semester, who started investing at the age of 21, opined over WhatsApp that even if you start now, it may take more than a decade to see solid returns in your hands.  The duration and maturity periods mentioned in the websites of banks and famous investment companies are discouraging and disheartening.  Who can wait for years?  You are planning to get married next year.  You are planning to buy a car this year.  You cannot shell out a significant amount of money and wait for years.

But then again, is there any option?  An option from which you can reap benefits sooner. There might be, and there must be.  But, it’s a risk to try such possibilities.  They promise a bomb and suddenly one day they disappear. Why lose hard-earned money?

 returns and no risk are like day and night.  Can they exist together?

Yes.  They do.  On a reliable and transparent peer-to-peer lending platform.

For example, LenDenClub, a leading Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform in India, has rapidly been gaining popularity. It has consistently delivered returns of 10 to 12% p.a.* since 2017–something many traditional fixed-income asset classes struggle.

Furthermore, the swift process, continuous support, guidance, and flexible investment options have made LenDenClub the most sought-after investment destination in the market.

So, for those who think that they have started investing late in life, Peer-to-Peer lending is a great choice, especially as an alternative investment avenue–a means for portfolio diversification with no market volatility

Invest an amount of your choice with LenDenClub and start earning solid returns. Also, with your investment diversified on a range of profiles across categories, the risk is mitigated.

Higher returns.  No market volatility.  Let’s go ahead and make the most out of it.

After all, life begins at 40.  Why not invest?  Happy investing!

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