Where to invest money online in India

Apr 2, 2018

Smartphones and websites have made investing easier. Decades back my father would scamper around to invest his savings in fixed deposits, NSCs or equities. This distinct memory seems like an illusion to me given that I hardly even break sweat when investing, let alone exhausting my entire mortal body.

Investments and finances have been steadily evolving! The shift from offline KYC form filling to Aadhar based e-KYC verification could be seen as the catalyst that sparked the splurge in online investments. Apart from online investment in fixed deposits, PPF, NSC, Gold, Mutual Funds etc., this comfort level has got extended to emerging investment asset class like P2P Lending. Any investor often feel that the unmatched comfort, authenticity and profitability offered by investing money online makes it too tempting to resist in a highly stressful world.

The sheer number of investment options at investors’ disposal can be overwhelming and scary. Bitcoin for instance didn’t prove as worthy as it first claimed to be, thus busting the dangers of investing in random assets online. Here we take a look at some worthwhile assets that have stood the test of chance and proved their worthy as a viable investing option. Fixed Deposits are excluded from the list as it doesn’t attract or attract very little risk.

1. Peer to Peer lending:

Private money lending has gone on to a different level since the inception of P2P lending platforms in India back in 2013. The innovative approach followed by P2P lending platforms makes it very easy for lenders to earn high returns without facing market volatility. Individual lenders easily earn up to 35% through P2P platforms where the returns are quite commendable. A peer to peer lender doesn’t need detailed knowledge of balance sheets and market analytics which makes this asset a pretty safe and profitable bet.

2. Equity :

A very volatile yet profitable asset, buying and selling of stocks can lead you to financial independence pretty quickly. Stock trading is an entirely online process where an investor buys a fixed number of shares of a particular company thereby becoming a shareholder in it. As already mentioned, stocks are very unpredictable and can wreck your financials if not taken care of. However this shouldn’t sway you away from it.

3. Mutual funds :

A mid risk level asset, mutual funds have been doing the frequent rounds recently on television advertisements and press releases. Very profitable in the long run, mutual funds are somewhat volatile too owing to their dependence on the equity markets. Funds can be added from anywhere and at anytime in mutual funds of your choice making it very popular among investors.

Online investing is growing by the minute. More and more people are getting connected with the worldwide network and are leveraging the positives out of it. If you haven’t tested it yet, try it now.

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