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No credit history? No problem. Get loans from Peer to Peer lending.

Easy Processing

Our user friendly and tech enabled platform ensures that getting your loan approved is simply a few clicks away. Do not go by our words, try our platform to fulfill your loan needs. Start applying for your instant personal loan now!

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Flexible Interest Rates

We do not have rigid interest rates. Interest rates are linked to the borrower’s credit score calculated through our internal credit rating process. A better LenDen score ensures a lesser rate of interest for the borrower.

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Nominal Fees

All loans disbursed go through a simple and transparent end to end process. No hidden fees. Provide basic prescribed information, a nominal Rs.750 registration fee and you are good to go! Click below to start your application.

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Loan Eligibility for Instant Personal Loan

All salaried employees can get a loan from us. Check if you are eligible below.


The borrower’s minimum age should be 21 and maximum should be 55.


Minimum Net Monthly Income should be over Rs 12,000

Bank Default

Must have no record of loan/credit card defaults after Jan 2012.

Stay Type

The borrower should be staying with family or friends.


Resident of Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Nagpur or Bangalore.

Employment Type

Only salaried individuals are eligible to apply for a loan.

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