What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending is providing a marketplace for credible borrowers and investors looking for lucrative investment options through RBI monitored mechanisms for investment of lender’s funds without the involvement of banks. P2P lending platforms function 100% digitally; hence lenders earn a higher rate of interest on their investments. LenDenClub is the largest P2P lending platform in the country with more than one million investors, providing an 12% p.a. returns for the last six years.

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How does Peer-to-Peer lending work?

Peer-to-Peer lending is the process of investing money in individuals or businesses through online lending platforms. Any individual investor or institution can become a lender on a P2P lending platform and earn interest on the funds they invest in individuals or businesses.

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Benefits of Investing With LenDenClub

LenDenClub provides a platform for new-age investment to investors looking for lucrative investment options.

The Auto Investment feature diversifies and optimises investment using artificial intellgience for higher returns.

All transactions are intuitively managed by a trustee through an escrow account without the platform’s direct involvement.

When an investor adds funds, the platform enables the investment to diversify into multiple borrowers to strengthen the portfolio.

What Is LenDenClub?

LenDenClub is India’s largest Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending platform and is an RBI registered NBFC-P2P. It is a new-age investment class for investors looking for structured alternative investments. LenDenClub has been enabling an 12% p.a. returns from the past 6 years. Our automated, simple to use, transparent, and hassle-free platform enables investors to diversify their funds to mitigate risk and earn higher returns.

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Risk Mitigation

The more the division of funds is in multiple borrowers, the more diversified your portfolio is. And the more diversified your investments are, the higher are your returns.

When you have funds that you can invest

We go through our list of verified borrowers for you

We also divide your investment between borrowers (min Rs 500 each)

We further provide optimal diversification which delivers high returns.

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