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Here’s What Investors Have Been Asking Us During Pandemic – (Part 2)


  1. Why does gold and silver plan have a fix investment period? If the plan is valid for a year then why the lock-in period for 24 months? Does this mean I’m restricted for withdrawals?
    The Gold plan has a fix investment period of 24 months and the Silver for 12 months.
    The Lock-In period is for the loan and not for the plan. Also, you are not restricted to withdrawals but any withdrawal before the investment period will affect badly on your returns. we suggest holding the money for the tenure shown in your investment plans else you may not be able to achieve desired returns.

  2. Why do I never see profiles in low to moderate risk (irrespective of lockdown period)?
    We have a high demand for our product InstaMoney i.e short term loan. The ticket size is Rs. 10,000. Hence, the short term loans come with high-risk and this is the reason you never see profiles in low to moderate risk (irrespective of the lockdown period). As well, please do not worry about the risk categories of the borrowers. The more important parameter in P2P investments is to match the platform portfolio to maximise your returns. Please leave the diversification and return maximising efforts to our system.

  3. Money is lying idle in the account, not getting invested/AI is not working?
    This generally wouldn’t happen. The money would only be idle in your account if in the system we have too many investors lined up in the Auto Invest queue. The gold and silver AutoInvest plan, diversity and reinvest your money to provide you with better returns in the long run.

  4. What if I invested 1 lakh, what exact figure will I receive after a year. Can you help with an example?
    If you invest Rs. 1 lakh, you may expect possible returns of 15-17% in 12 months. Though p2p returns are linked to borrower default risk, if done so using AutoInvest, it will diversify your investment with a number of borrowers giving you more security in the returns. Also, to understand the exact figure on the invested amount, we would suggest using EMI Calculator. Since EMI Calculator shows the exact figure you would receive after a year.

  5. How to track my investment/best way to track my p2p investment?
    You can refer to an investment history report where you will be able to check all the borrowers whom you have invested. In this report, you will be able to check Principal Outstanding of all the loans you have invested. Along with this, there are many other details that you can check here as Amount Invested, Tenure of Investment, Emi, Interest Repaid etc.

  6. What strategy I should use while investing money in LDC and why?
    We recommend the strategy of diversifying your loan amount with multiple borrowers with small loan amount for risk-diversification and reinvesting your money which leads to better returns and increases your portfolio value simultaneously. Moreover, investing your amount for a longer period of time will maximize your returns.
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