How it Works?

LenDenClub is perfectly placed to bring together lenders and verified borrowers. Our platform offers the right mix of efficient processes and checks and balances on borrowers, so that lenders can get better returns on their investments through a transparent and open platform. We ensure that high earnings on investments do not carry a high risk disclaimer. Our pre verification processes for borrowers, systematic background checks and sturdy recovery options hedge the inherent risk in lending as an investment instrument.

Seamless online lending and borrowing process makes it quick and simple for borrowers to procure loans and for lenders to earn high return on investments, a win-win situation for both borrowers and lenders

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Ways to Lower Your Risk as a Lender

A large number of investors looking for alternate investment assets have started viewing P2P lending platforms as a dependable investment option with healthy returns and moderate risk.One of the major advantages to lending as an investment is that it is relatively easier to measure the risk involved when compared to other investment routes.

P2P lending platforms assist you in risk mitigation as they take the onus of facilitating the recovery of your investment and let you know if the borrower is unable to pay the entire loan amount. Limiting your lending portfolio to just one borrower could jeopardise your investment if the borrower defaults. It is important to spread out your lending portfolio and your risks when lending through P2P lending platforms. For more information on lowering your risk.

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Best Investment Opportunity

Individual Lender

At LenDenClub we help you earn healthy returns through a hassle free and easy to create diversified lending portfolio.

  • Higher returns compare to FD & Mutual Funds
  • Monthly Cash Flow
  • Personalised Relationship Manager
  • Auto Investment

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Institutional Lender

At LenDenClub we ensure that lending comes with zero complexities and absolute security when it comes to sensitive information.

  • Higher RoI compare to their lending rates
  • No collection management
  • Lesser operational cost
  • Pre-defined underwriting

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