Diversification of Funds

How do we enable double-digit returns?

In the times of volatile markets and rising inflation, we diversify your funds in multiple loans to keep your investments optimum for estimated 12% p.a. returns

Higher funds, more diversification,
better returns

A net worth certificate is required for investments above ₹10 lakh

Investment amount

Expected returns @ 12% p.a.

Disclaimer: The returns are expected provided the investments are continuous without withdrawals.

 Creditworthy borrowers listed after checking 200+ data points

Choose from currently listed loans to invest in. Here are some of the details:


Details of the listed loan

  • Amount of Loan Required
  • Tenure of the Loan
  • Purpose of the Loan


Basic details about the borrower

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • City


Professional details of the borrower

  • Designation
  • Employer
  • Work Experience


Financial background of the borrower

  • Income
  • Loan History
  • Credit History
  • Credit Score
Check borrower profiles

Plans to choose borrower listings

For gold or silver users who wish to withdraw funds, you can change your plan to basic or contact us at invest@lendenclub.com

Change Plan


Self selection


Auto selection
Tenure-1 year


Auto selection
Tenure-2 years

Documents Required

Aadhaar Card

PAN Card

Bank Details

grow your money

Tips to optimise your portfolio further

  • Choose the gold or silver plan and allow AI to make optimised investment.
  • Invest minimum 1 lakh for optimum returns
  • Allow reinvestment of EMI repayments to earn higher
  • Keep adding funds every month towards portfolio building
  • If you are a basic user, keep reinvesting to avoid having idle funds
Add money


An investor account that allows access
to all your sub accounts.

Family account

Questions about your investor profile?

LenDenClub, an RBI registered NBFC-P2P, is India’s Largest Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending platform. It is a new age investment option that connects investors looking to invest their money with credit-worthy borrowers in need of money. Peer-to-Peer lending in India happens through regulations announced by the Reserve Bank of India.

We are happy to share that with a registered base of over 10 lakh investors, we have been delivering estimated returns of 12% p.a. for the last 5 years.

Any resident Indian Individual / Entity (18+), who has a PAN card and rupee-denominated bank account in India, can become an Investor on LenDenClub’s Peer-to-Peer lending platform.

Non-Resident Indians or minor can open the account subject to the fulfilment of additional requirement. If you want to open your account under either of these categories, kindly contact us at invest@www.lendenclub.com.

You need to provide a few details and upload some KYC documents so that we can verify your account. Approval of your application is usually automated and instantaneous.

Once your investor application is approved, you can transfer the amount to your Account. Login to your LenDenClub account, click on ‘Add Funds’ to find the account details to transfer the funds.

The key to managing your risk in P2P lending is diversification and reinvestment.

Diversification: Always invest smaller amounts in more number of borrowers. The usual recommendation is to invest as low as INR 500 per borrower to limit your exposure, subject to the platform’s minimum permissible limit for a loan.

Reinvestment: It refers to further investing the amount received from repayments to increase your spread of borrowers and for you to get a compounded benefit on your investments. In simpler terms, let your earned money earn more for you!

All this comes in addition to our strong credit model which screens the borrower over 200 data points and gives you a risk profiling for the borrowers.

While the returns vary from investor to investor, the platform has consistently delivered an estimated 12% p.a. returns.

For more queries, reach out to our

For more queries, reach out to our

customer support.