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Top Most Peer to Peer Lending Platform in India
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P2P Lending

LenDenClub is a leading Peer to Peer online lending platform for personal loans in India. We connect borrowers who require fast loans at competitive rate with lenders who can lend for higher returns.

Digital Verification

At LenDenClub, we carry out much of our verification process online to save time of our borrowers and lenders. Going digital makes our process hassle free.

Verified Borrowers

The profile of borrowers are strictly scrutinized by our credit team and physically verified before they listed on our platform. Verified borrowers decreases the risk of default.

RBI Recognized

Peer to peer Lending is a new area of investment recognized by RBI. RBI will soon release regulations to govern the P2P market in India. Feel safe to invest in recognized sector.

About LenDenCLub

Top Most Peer to Peer Lending Platform in India

A novel platform that allows lenders to earn higher interest on their investments and multiply their money faster.

As a peer to peer lending platform, we list pre-verified borrowers on the platform. Lenders are able to go through all the details of borrower's profile before offering them any investment.

Across the world, peer to peer lending has helped millions of borrowers in getting loans with less hassle and higher returns for lenders.

  • 18 Hrs Approval Time

    We value your time and approval your loan request within 18 hours or lesser. Isn’t that great?

  • 12.5% - 35% Interest rate

    Borrowers are offered competitive interest rates on personal loans, based on their credit profile.

  • 3 - 18 mths Tenure

    Flexible tenure as per your repayment capability.

  • 4502 Registered Borrowers

    Plenty of borrowers have successfully availed personal loan from us.

  • 1911 Registered Lenders

    Large number of registered lenders ensure funding for every borrower.

  • 100% Loan Funding Ratio

    At LenDenClub, funding ratio is more than 99% till date!


30 Million Indians are Denied Bank Credits.

Majority of them are salaried, Reliable and Bankable with good credit history,
yet are unable to avail personal loans through banks or other traditional financial institutions

The LenDenClub Team

Top Most Peer to Peer Lending Platform in India
Bhavin Patel CEO LenDenClub

Bhavin Patel

(Co-Founder, CEO)

Bhavin comes with decade long experience in lending business, being worked on credit risk, financial operations, business development and fund raising. He has a proven expertise over different asset classes like personal loans, SME loans, vehicle loans, MFIs etc. When he is not crunching numbers he is found playing football, trekking in the Himalayas.

Dipesh Karki

(Co-Founder, CTO)

Dipesh has varied expertise in developing B2B and B2C software solutions. He developed workflow solution for DSIR, Ministry of India. He created pipeISO, a software to generate Industrial Piping isometric drawings from Catia 3D for clients like BARC, PLE, Areva. When he is not coding he likes playing football, music and photography.

Sneak Peek To Our Platform

List of Borrowers
Borrowers Detail
Loan Details
  • See The List of Borrowers

    The approved lender can browse the verified borrowers listed on our platform. The borrowers list can be filtered on the basis of tenure and rate of interest.

  • View The Borrower's Details

    We keep transparent the financial, professional and credit history of details. We aim to inform better our lender while making their investment decision.

  • Check The Loan Details

    The details of loan of listed borrowers can be availed at a quick glance. The information about tenure loan amount, rate of return, percentage funded are all available without any hassle.

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