Top 3 Businesses with High Profit in India

Mar 15, 2017

If you are an avid investor, you may be always looking for options that can give you high profits. Given that you are investing actively, you must have also diversified your portfolio in bank deposits, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, gold and other conventional instruments. So, what next? Well, you could either become an angel investor or a personal loan lender. Here are some high profit investment options you may like to explore to expand your portfolio.

Restaurant Business

As more Indians and working couples enter the workforce, their lifestyle has become too hectic to cook food at home. Then, there is also an increasing preference towards healthy food and global cuisine. It’s no wonder that a new restaurant pops up every day. However, running a restaurant business calls for huge investment in terms of infrastructure, quality of food, manpower and staying ahead of competition.

So, if you are planning to invest in a restaurant, you need to assess the long-term feasibility of the business, have a deeper understanding about the market and be ready to await a long gestation period for profits.

Event Management

The band baaja baarat planning is another booming business. And, the opportunity is not restricted to just weddings. These days, people like to hire an event planner for birthday parties, baby showers, corporate meets, festivals and many more occasions as well. This trend has spilled over to non-metro cities, semi-urban cities and smaller towns.

While the profits are good, the business requires good contacts and networking skills to acquire clients as well as vendors. Before you invest in an event management business, it requires you to analyse the thorough viability on these parameters.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending in India is another alternate form of investment that new age investors are exploring these days. There are several P2P platforms such as LenDenClub which connect individual who wants to earn higher returns to those who want to borrow money with transparency and at low cost. Personal loan lenders can directly provide loans to borrowers verified in depth by these platforms. The minimum amount of lending is usually Rs5000/- and there is no upper limit. You can lend for tenure of 3 to 18 months based on your repayment expectation. The returns are usually between 12% and 35%.

Recently, even RBI has recognized the growing market of peer to peer lending in India, and is in the process of regulating it. So, P2P lending is to grow fast as a cheap and alternate investment vehicle with better returns.

Now that you know the top three profitable investment opportunities, which will be your pick?

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