For a Better Tomorrow, An Initiative with “DESIRE SOCIETY”.

Jan 6, 2021

Mumbai, 06-01-2021

By being Santa Claus for Christmas 2020, LenDenClub contributed to DESIRE SOCIETY. An NGO whose objective is focused on health development and well being of children living with HIV/AIDS or other special children. The NGO provides shelter, food, treatment, education, and psycho-social support to these children so they could live their lives to the full potential. 

On 24th December 2020, LenDenClub took the honour to contribute and actively organised a visit to DESIRE Society: Caring for Special Children. Four LenDenites volunteered to visit the NGO while representing the entire company. We spent 1 hour 45 mins with those beautiful smiling faces filled with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. We started by asking them for their introduction. While for fun, we played Antakshari and Pictionary, which the children enjoyed as well. To support their education and learning, we gifted the stationery items.

The experience was overwhelming, kids were disciplined, they did follow all the rules of COVID during crowd gatherings. Looking at them laughing, singing, cheering during the games, we realised we were at the receiving end. It automatically made us laugh so much, sing, fill our hearts with love and free our hearts from the chains of worry. They made us realise that it is necessary to be happy irrespective of the difficulties and hurdles we face in life.

We had a great experience with the kids at Desire Society. We learnt a lot from them and became kids for a while. For fun, we played Antakshari and Pictionary, which we think they enjoyed as well. We learnt how you can be enthusiastic, energetic and happy at all times.
– Rajat Sinha, Product Head 

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