Best Semiconductor Stocks in India: 2024’s Top Picks 

semiconductor stocks

The Indian semiconductor industry represents a burgeoning market with significant growth prospects. In 2023, the market was valued at an impressive US$34.3 billion. Looking ahead, projections suggest an explosive growth trajectory, with expectations to reach US$100.2 billion by 2032. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.1% over the forecast period from 2023 to 2032.

The industry’s expansion is being propelled by transformative technological waves, such as the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and the global rollout of 5G technologies. These innovations have skyrocketed the demand for semiconductors, which are now more than ever critical in powering everything from advanced vehicles and telecom infrastructure to a wide array of consumer electronics. Therefore investing in semiconductor stocks is a financially lucrative opportunity.

This blog explores the best semiconductor stocks in India, offering a detailed review of their financial status and performance in the market.

Overview of Semiconductor Stocks

Semiconductors are essential components found in nearly all electronic devices. The global push towards electrification and increased digital connectivity, highlighted by the surge in 5G and EV adoption, places semiconductor stocks in a position of strength.

On March 13, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a significant milestone for the Indian semiconductor sector by virtually inaugurating three new semiconductor manufacturing facilities. This pivotal development comes under India’s ambitious initiative to enhance its semiconductor and display manufacturing ecosystem, aiming to position itself as a global hub in this high-tech industry.

India’s entry into semiconductor manufacturing, backed by governmental initiatives and a large domestic market, offers a unique investment frontier in this rapidly evolving industry. This makes semiconductor stocks an attractive investment for investors.

5 Best Semiconductor Stocks:


Mkt Cap (₹ Cr.)

Dividend Yield(in%)

ROE (Return on Equity)

ROCE (Return on Capital Employed)

Net Cash flow (₹ cr)

Book Value

Stock PE

Debt to equity

Bharat Electronics Limited









CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited









Hitachi Energy India Limited









V Guard Industries Limited









Havells India Limited









Note: This blog is only for informational purposes; we are not SEBI registered, and we are not promoting any company or pushing you to buy stocks of a specific company; please do your research before purchasing the stocks.

An Analysis of Top Semiconductor Stocks in India in 2024

Now let us analyse the best semiconductor stocks in India in detail. Here is the list of best semiconductor stocks:

1.  Bharat Electronics Limited

Founded in 1954, BEL specializes in producing and supplying high-tech electronic systems for the defence industry, with a modest engagement in civilian markets. A key attraction for investors is the company’s virtually debt-free status. Additionally, BEL has consistently maintained a robust dividend payout ratio of 45.4%, making it attractive for dividend-seeking investors.

While its sales growth has been moderate, the company shows impressive compounded profit growth, with recent figures reaching up to 29% in the trailing twelve months. The stock’s performance has also been noteworthy, with significant compound annual growth rates over the past years, and a particularly sharp rise of 112% in the last year alone. These factors, combined with a strong return on equity that has been improving over the years, make BEL a worthy consideration for investors looking for steady returns and financial health.

2.  CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited

Another stock amongst the top 5 semiconductor stocks in India, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited presents a lucrative investment opportunity. One of the main strengths of the company is its nearly debt-free status, combined with significant profit growth of 34% CAGR over the last five years.

Moreover, the company’s return on equity (ROE) is impressive, standing at 58.4% over the past three years. However, the stock trades at a high multiple of its book value, which warrants consideration. With robust growth in profits and stock prices, CG Power represents a potentially lucrative investment for those focused on energy management and sustainability.

3. Hitachi Energy India Limited

Formed in 2019 through a joint venture between Hitachi and ABB’s Power Grids, the company caters to utility and industry customers with a broad spectrum of engineering products, solutions, and services.

Despite its stock trading at a high of 30.3 times its book value and a modest return on equity of 12.7% over the last three years, Hitachi Energy has shown promising sales growth, with a 15% increase in the trailing twelve months. The company’s stock price has surged by 130% in the last year, reflecting strong market confidence and growth potential in the power technology sector.

4. V Guard Industries Limited

Since its founding in 1977, V-Guard has evolved from a regional brand known for voltage stabilizers in South India to a nationally recognized provider of a broad range of innovative products. The company boasts a consistent dividend payout of 27.3%, underlining its commitment to shareholder returns.

Despite a recent dip in profit growth, V-Guard has demonstrated strong sales growth and notable stock price appreciation, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% over the last decade.

5.  Havells India Limited

A notable advantage is the company’s nearly debt-free status, which underscores its financial stability. Additionally, Havells has consistently offered a healthy dividend payout of 42.5%, appealing to dividend-seeking investors. The company has also demonstrated efficiency in reducing its working capital requirements.

While the stock trades at a premium (14.2 times its book value), Havells has shown robust sales and profit growth over the years, coupled with impressive returns on equity, making it a strong candidate for those looking to invest in a solid, growth-oriented electrical goods company.

Tips to Choose the Right Stock in the Semiconductor Sector

Here are some factors to consider when investing in semiconductor stocks:

  • Technological Capabilities: Evaluate the company’s ability to innovate and keep pace with technological advancements.
  • Market Position: Consider the company’s competitive edge and its standing within the industry.
  • Scalability: Look at the company’s potential to expand its production capabilities and market reach.
  • Financial Metrics: Analyze key financial indicators such as profitability, debt levels, and revenue growth.
  • Sector-Specific Challenges: Understand the impact of government policies and how global demand fluctuations affect the industry.
  • Opportunities: Identify potential advantages that may arise from prevailing industry trends and technological breakthroughs.


The Indian semiconductor industry is primed for unprecedented growth, driven by robust demand for technologies integral to modern electronics, such as electric vehicles and 5G. The recent government-backed initiatives, including the inauguration of three new semiconductor facilities, underscore a significant commitment to establishing India as a key player in the global semiconductor arena.

For investors, this translates into a promising avenue for potentially lucrative returns, bolstered by strategic advancements and a burgeoning market demand. Before investing, however, thorough research and consideration of market dynamics are advisable.


1. Which is the Best Semiconductor Stock in 2024?

We have shared a list above of the best semiconductor stocks in India. Choosing the best semiconductor stock involves evaluating several criteria, such as financial health, growth prospects, and current market trends. It is crucial to conduct your own thorough research before making any investment decisions.

2. Why Invest in Semiconductor Stocks?

You should invest in semiconductor stocks to capitalize on the critical role they play in powering advanced technologies and their potential for significant growth in the tech-driven economy.

3. Which Are the Top 5 Semiconductor Stocks That Will Grow in 2024?

We have highlighted semiconductor stocks that demonstrate solid fundamentals and potential for growth in 2024. It is advisable to conduct a comprehensive analysis and keep a close watch on industry developments and specific company metrics to make well-informed investment choices.

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