How it Works?

Loan requests at LenDenClub are processed anywhere between a few minutes to 18 hours from the completion of the registration process. We conduct borrower credential verification through various online and offline sources and our technology enabled platform complete the loan processing online.

Our simple and efficient loan processing system makes sure that you do not have to invest your time in physically visiting our office or arrange for home visits. LenDenClub club follows the best standards when it comes to protecting your personal information and ensures that it isn’t accessed without appropriate authorization. Through a large pool of lenders we guarantee funding of your short term loans. In case of a loan not getting funded, part of the registration fee is returned to the borrower.


Get Fast Personal LoanWith Guaranteed Funding

Peer to peer lending (P2P) has recorded tremendous growth in the past year. Investors have come to recognize P2P lending as an effective method of making idle money work for them and create wealth. We connect lenders looking for better ways to earn fixed returns over time to borrowers in need of personal loans. Unlike earlier when personal loans were available to only businessmen, P2P lending has made affordable credit available to salaried individuals as well. LenDenClub platform removes the hassle of visiting banks and NBFC’s and jumping through hoops for a minor chance of getting funded.

LenDenClub is one of the best platforms in India to avail small personal loans without the fine prints and maze like structures of a bank. Our large pool of active investors ensure that your loan requirement is funded at the earliest.

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