Borrowers Selection At LenDenClub

June 8, 2020by

The borrowers come to LenDenClub platform from a large demographic pool,...

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Collections At LenDenClub

June 4, 2020by

LenDenClub procedure is built around dignity and respect to customers. Believing...

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Moratorium Scheme – A Beneficial Impact On Loan Repayment

June 1, 2020by

Moratorium period refers to the period of time during which you...

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4 Best Ways To Save Money During The COVID-19 Crisis

May 29, 2020by

The unexpected pandemic has shattered many households due to cash-crunch leading...

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How To Get A Personal Loan Online?

May 24, 2020by

A personal loan is an urgent cash you borrow for any...

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Overshot Your Monthly Expenses? What Next?

May 21, 2020by

Money a paramount significance for viability, especially, during the pandemic where...

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Regulate Your Personal Finances During COVID-19 Pandemic

May 18, 2020by

The spread of Covid-19 and the lockdowns that have followed have...

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How to customise Auto-Invest applicable in your Investment Plan?

May 13, 2020by

At LenDenClub, we have a fully-automated investment tool “Auto-Invest” that corresponds...

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The Emergence of Unsecured Borrowings in India

May 11, 2020by

The domestic factors such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, NBFC defaults,...

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Does the falling equity market make sense to invest in?

May 9, 2020by

The Covid-19 pandemic has sparkled some serious repercussions on the global...

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