Q3 – 2020 Outlook From The LenDenClub Chief Executive Officer

September 17, 2020by

The economic decline due to the COVID-19 crisis has had an...

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Do You Know Why You Should Become A Channel Partner With LenDenClub?

September 12, 2020by

LenDenClub is one of the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms in...

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Growing Popularity Of Borrowing Amongst Millennials Through P2P Lending

September 7, 2020by

The YOLO (You Live Only Once) occurrences are making a lot...

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Are Digital Loans The Future Of Lending?

September 3, 2020by

With improved online infrastructure and limitless expansion of internet services, it...

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Lending Outlook For July-Sept 2020

August 31, 2020by

Overview: The last quarter saw the GDP shrinking, and with the...

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Impact of Moratorium!

August 27, 2020by

The RBI gave financial institutions an option to provide a moratorium...

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Staying Safe Online In The Time Of Coronavirus

August 24, 2020by

Let’s there be positives in the way that we do things,...

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Internship At LenDenClub Can Shape Your Future Through Experiential Learning

August 21, 2020by

“You need to experience to get experienced.” Every graduate student must...

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How India Is Building A Strong P2P Lending Framework?

August 18, 2020by

One of the ways Indian fintech continues to make a significant...

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Introducing InstaMoney 3.0! The Simpler, Faster, And Advanced Version.

August 12, 2020by

Introducing InstaMoney 3.0! The Simpler, Faster And Advanced Version.  The ease...

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